Our Services

Bangun Indah Marvelus provide building contractor services that delegate duties and responsibilities to our experience and expert employees. Our services range from design/planning consultation to building and supervision of the project.
Please find below is the lists of our Services:

  1. Architecture, Structural, Mechanical/Electrical, and Interior consultation services. We have appointed many experience employees in each department to deal with a more unique design and requirement.
  2. Building of structural, civil, Mechanical & Electrical, and Interior furniture production and installation. When executing the construction work, we will provide a thorough supervision so that quality and standard are as accordance to the specification.

Structural Works include soil excavation and construction of Concrete Floor, Beams, Columns, Pile Cap and Piling when required.
Civil Works include erecting walls, Plaster & render wall or floors, Roof covering, installation of ceramic tiles, installation of doors & windows, and Painting works
Mechanical Works include Installation of Plumbing & Sanitary pipes, AC ducting & refrigerant pipes, and fire protection services
Electrical Works include installation of light and cabling
Interior Furniture production includes making and installation of loosed as well as built in furnitures.